DKM single-phase dimmable recessed 3mt On demand

The 1-phase dimmable recessed track operates through a + / - polarized signal to manage a wide range of applications in the field of light planning.The use of the specific electro-mechanic adapter code 7559 is compulsory. It is made of extruded aluminium alloy. The copper wires are located inside extruded profiles in PVC, with high insulating properties. 


Product Code Color
7521-30-31White, on demand
7521-30-30Black, on demand
General Specifications
Product TypeTracks
Mounting TypeCeiling - recessed
Indoor/Outdoor LightsIndoor
Lighting specifications
Physical Specifications
Load Capacity (Kg)The track has a load capacity of 2Kg every 200mm, with a maximum distance of 800mm between the fixing points. In case of 10Kg load every 200mm, a distance of 400mm between the fixing points is recommended.
Electrical Specifications
Current (A)16
Glow Wire (°C)850
Voltage (V)230/250
Weight and Dimensions
Length (Mm)3000
Width (Mm)53
Height (Mm)33
Recessed Hole (Mm)37
Optical Specifications
Product code7604-10-W30/31
Product NameElectrical straight joint
Product code7654-10-W30/31
Product NameMechanical straight joint
Product code7625-01-30/31
Product NameMechanical adapter
Product code7618-01-30/31
Product NameMechanical adapter with automatic locking
Product code7559-00-30/31
Product NameElectro/mechanical adapter
Product code7665-10-W30/31
Product NameRight live-end
Product code7665-11-W30/31
Product NameLeft live-end
Product code7666-10-W30/31
Product NameCentral connector and straight joint
Product code7664-00-48
Product NameSuspension for false ceiling
Product code7659I-00-W30/31
Product NameDead end
Product code7609-00-00
Product NameNut
Product code7607-00-00
Product NameCeiling kit
Product code7624-00-30/31
Product NameTrack cover