RA 4 adjustable with lens

Adjustable downlight with lens, designed for the last generatione of COB LEDs. It is characterized by an extremely shallow recessed depth. The 500mA 20W constant current LED driver must to be ordered separately. Max 8 fittings can be connected.
Product Code Color
253-210-21Mat white, on demand
General Specifications
Product TypeDownlights
Mounting TypeCeiling - recessed
Indoor/Outdoor LightsIndoor
ApplicationsCorridors,Passage areas,Residential,Showrooms
Lighting specifications
Lamp DescriptionLED 200lm 2W 3000K,LED 200lm 2W 3000K
Nominal Lumens On Thermal Regime (Lm)200,200
Delivered Lumens (Lm)160,160
Lamp Wattage (W)2,2
Color Temperature (K)3000,3000
Average Lamp Life (H)L80B10 50.000
Photobiological Risk GroupRG1
Physical Specifications
BodyDie-cast aluminium
FinishesPolyester painted
Thermal DissipationPassive
Electrical Specifications
Glow Wire (°C)850
DriverSeparate item
Driver MountingRemote
Weight and Dimensions
External Diameter (Mm)50
False Ceiling Thickness (Mm)1 - 30 mm
Height (Mm)34
Cutout ShapeRound
Cutout Diameter (Mm)44
Recessed Depth (Mm)34
Weight (Kg)0.1
Optical Specifications
Light DistributionSymmetric
Light EmissionDirect
Light Beam14°
Horizontal Orientation+/- 25°
Unified Glare Rating (U.G.R.)<19
Product code-
Product NameLED 200lm 2W 3000K CRI85
Lamp categoriesLED
Lamp typeLED
Lamp wattage (W)2
Nominal lumens on thermal regime (lm)200
Color temperature (K)3000
Color rendering (CRI)85
Average lamp life (h)L80B10 50.000
Product code81-04019
Product NameDriver 500mA constant current
DescriptionMax 8 fittings can be connected to the driver.
Product code81-04031
Product NameDriver 500mA (max 14W) constant current
DescriptionFor installation through the recessed hole, please consider a ceiling recessed depth of 160mm. Max 6 fittings can be connected to the driver.