RA 17 Dixit LED adjustable 33W 3000K

Adjustable downlight, designed for the last generation of COB LEDs. It grants a perfect control of the light beam and an excellent colour rendering. LED drivers should be ordered separately, the wattage of the fitting changes depending on the selected driver. Optics for different beams are also available.
Product Code Color
248-230BN-21Mat white
General Specifications
Product TypeDownlights
Mounting TypeCeiling - recessed
Indoor/Outdoor LightsIndoor
ApplicationsRetail ,Shopping centres
Lighting specifications
Lamp DescriptionLED 4250lm 33W 3000K CRI85
Nominal Lumens On Thermal Regime (Lm)4250
Efficiency L.O.R. (%)88,7
Delivered Lumens (Lm)3770
Lamp Wattage (W)33
Color Temperature (K)3000
Average Lamp Life (H)L80B10 50.000
Photobiological Risk GroupRG1
Physical Specifications
BodyDie-cast aluminium
FinishesPolyester painted
ReflectorMirror-metallized thermoplastic material
Closing ScreenClear polycarbonate
Thermal DissipationPassive
RingDie-cast aluminium
Electrical Specifications
Glow Wire (°C)850
DriverSeparate item
Driver MountingRemote
Weight and Dimensions
External Diameter (Mm)168
False Ceiling Thickness (Mm)1-30
Height (Mm)115
Cutout ShapeRound
Cutout Diameter (Mm)155
Recessed Depth (Mm)180
Weight (Kg)2
Optical Specifications
Light DistributionSymmetric
Light EmissionDirect
Light Beam30°
Horizontal Orientation+/- 40°
Temperature Max (°C)35
Note17°, 55° (mirror metallized), 70° (white) optics are available on demand.
Product code-
Product NameLED 4250lm 33W 3000K CRI85
Lamp categoriesLED
Lamp typeCOB LED
Lamp wattage (W)33
Nominal lumens on thermal regime (lm)4250
Color temperature (K)3000
Color rendering (CRI)85
Average lamp life (h)L80B10 50.000
Product code28-3140-51
Product NameProfessional optic device 17° (included diffuser)
FinishesMirror metallized
Product code28-3138-51
Product NameProfessional optic device 55°
FinishesMirror metallized
Product code28-3141-31
Product NameProfessional optic device 70°
Product code81-04015
Product NameDriver 900mA
DescriptionDriver 900mA