Sofi 301

Design: Enrico Davide Bona and Elisa Nobile
Sofi 301 is a suspended luminaire with a minimal and compact design, for the last generation of high efficiency COB LEDs.
It is provided with an innovative system of passive heat dissipation.
Sofi 301 is the answer to the request for a suspended fitting equipped with the new LED sources combining high performance, high efficiency and high energy savings. Its modern and linear shapes, combined with its hi-tech look, result in an outstanding level of luminous efficiency.
It is the perfect solution for a number of applications where a high quality performance is required such as shops, offices, communities and domestic areas.

Pictures and Applications


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Product Name
Sofi 301
Product code
3890-02-21 (Mat white)
Mounting type
Lamp description
LED 4800lm 33W 3000K
Lamp wattage (W)
Light beam