Minikyclos 3150lm 3000K CRI 90

Minikyclos is a compact spotlight for electrified tracks, specially developed for high efficiency COB LED sources of the last generation. Front part in clear polycarbonate, rear painted for a brighter finish, without visible screws.
Product Code Color
717-369-21Mat white
717-369-52Silver, on demand
General Specifications
Product TypeSpotlights
Mounting TypeLKM 3-phase track
Indoor/Outdoor LightsIndoor
ApplicationsMuseums,Retail ,Shops,Showrooms
Lighting specifications
Lamp DescriptionLED 3150lm 27W 3000K CRI90
Nominal Lumens On Thermal Regime (Lm)3150
Efficiency L.O.R. (%)92,6
Delivered Lumens (Lm)2917
Lamp Wattage (W)27
Color Temperature (K)3000
Average Lamp Life (H)L80B10 50.000
Photobiological Risk GroupRG1
Physical Specifications
BodyBody and gear box in die-cast aluminium
FinishesPolyester painted
ReflectorMirror-metallized thermoplastic material
Thermal DissipationPassive
Electrical Specifications
Glow Wire (°C)850
Driver MountingIntegrated
Voltage (V)220/240
Frequency (Hz)50/60
Weight and Dimensions
Width (Mm)126
Height (Mm)88
Weight (Kg)0.9
Optical Specifications
OrientationIt can rotate up to 350° about vertical axis and pivot up to 90° upwards.
Light DistributionSymmetric
Light EmissionDirect
Light Beam30°
Note17°, 55° (mirror metallized), 70° (white) optics are available on demand. Honeycomb code 28-3959-30, clear tempered glass code 28-3958-58, pink tempered glass for food applications code 28-3958-32 to be used only together with snoot code 28-3957-30.
Unified Glare Rating (U.G.R.)<19
Product code-
Product NameLED 3150lm 27W 3000K CRI90
Lamp categoriesLED
Lamp typeCOB LED
Lamp wattage (W)27
Nominal lumens on thermal regime (lm)3150
Color temperature (K)3000
Color rendering (CRI)90
Product code28-3957-30
Product NameSnoot
Product code28-3959-30
Product NameHoneycomb
FinishesBlack painted
NotesTo be used only with snoot (28-3957-30)
Product code28-3958-58
Product NameClear tempered glass
NotesTo be used only with snoot (28-3957-30)
Product code28-3140-51
Product NameProfessional optic device 17° (included diffuser)
FinishesMirror metallized
Product code28-3138-51
Product NameProfessional optic device 55°
FinishesMirror metallized
Product code28-3141-31
Product NameProfessional optic device 70°