RA 8 L Q Dixit LED 3000K CRI 90

Fixed downlight for accent lighting, designed for the last generation of COB LEDs, with a shallow depth. LED drivers should be ordered separately, the wattage of the fittings changes depending on the selected driver. Protection rating IP44. Low glare level: UGR < 15.
Product Code Color
233-239BN-21Mat white
General Specifications
Product TypeDownlights
Mounting TypeCeiling - recessed
Indoor/Outdoor LightsIndoor
ApplicationsAccommodation facilities,Residential,Shopping centres,Showrooms
Lighting specifications
Lamp DescriptionLED 550lm 5,5W 3000K CRI90,LED 700lm 8,5W 3000K CRI90
Nominal Lumens On Thermal Regime (Lm)550,700
Efficiency L.O.R. (%)91
Delivered Lumens (Lm)501,638
Lamp Wattage (W)5.5,8.5
Color Temperature (K)3000,3000
Average Lamp Life (H)L80B10 50.000
Photobiological Risk GroupRG1
Physical Specifications
BodyDie-cast aluminium
FinishesPolyester painted
ReflectorMirror-metallized thermoplastic material
Closing ScreenClear polycarbonate
Thermal DissipationPassive
Electrical Specifications
Glow Wire (°C)850
DriverSeparate item
Driver MountingRemote
Weight and Dimensions
False Ceiling Thickness (Mm)1-30
Length (Mm)80
Width (Mm)80
Height (Mm)50
Cutout ShapeRound
Cutout Diameter (Mm)70
Recessed Depth (Mm)70
Weight (Kg)0.4
Optical Specifications
Light DistributionSymmetric
Light EmissionDirect
Light Beam26°
Note45° (mirror metallized), 65° (white) optics are available on demand.
Unified Glare Rating (U.G.R.)<15
Product code-
Product NameLED 550 lm 5.5W 3000K
Lamp categoriesLED
Lamp typeCOB LED
Lamp wattage (W)5.5
Nominal lumens on thermal regime (lm)550
Color rendering (CRI)90
Product code-
Product NameLED 700lm 8.5W 3000K
Lamp categoriesLED
Lamp typeCOB LED
Lamp wattage (W)8.5
Nominal lumens on thermal regime (lm)700
Color rendering (CRI)90
Light beam24°
Product code28-3903-31
Product NameProfessional optic device 65°
Light beam65°
Product code28-3903-51
Product NameProfessional optic device 45°
FinishesMirror metallized
Light beam45°
Product code81-04007
Product NameDriver 350mA dimmable on the mains and 1-10V
Product code81-04008
Product NameDriver 500mA dimmable on the mains and 1-10V