Perfetto-IN 40

Design: Studio Tecnico Ivela
Perfetto-IN 40 is a downlight for both diffused and accent lighting (in the version with lens), designed for the last generation of LED sources. 
It features an extremely shallow recessed depth: the fitting can be installed easily, thanks to its side springs, in false ceilings from 1 to 30 mm. 
The frame is integrated in the fitting's body, allowing a quick installation. The body, in die-cast aluminium, has been designed to meet the demand of passive dissipation of the heat generated by the light source. The rearward optic and the integrated snoot improve the visual comfort considerably, making it the ideal luminaire for the illumination both in residential and in hospitality, as well as in some retail applications.
LED drivers should be ordered separately; the wattage of the fittings changes, depending on the selected driver.

"Please select the driver or the lamp description in order to download the PDF datasheet."

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