Light Kit Main round 1mt

LKM round is a track with 3 separate circuits. It is made of extruded aluminium alloy. The copper wires are located inside extruded profiles in PVC, with high insulating properties. 


Product Code Color
7501-10-42Anodized silver
General Specifications
Product TypeTracks
Mounting TypeCeiling - surface,Pendant
Indoor/Outdoor LightsIndoor
Lighting specifications
Physical Specifications
Load Capacity (Kg)The track has a load capacity of 2Kg every 200mm, with a maximum distance of 800mm between the fixing points. For a 10Kg load every 200mm, a maximum fixing distance of 400 mm is recommended.
Electrical Specifications
Current (A)16
Glow Wire (°C)850
Voltage (V)230/440
Weight and Dimensions
Length (Mm)1000
Width (Mm)42
Height (Mm)34
Optical Specifications
Product code7625-00-30/31/52
Product NameMechanical adapter
Product code7618-00-30/31/52
Product NameMechanical adapter with automatic locking
Product code7609-00-00
Product NameNut
Product code7607-00-00
Product NameCeiling kit
Product code7624-00-30/31
Product NameTrack cover
Product code7606-00-30/31
Product NameSuspension kit
Product code7606-06-30/31
Product NameSuspension kit
Product code7600-00-20/30/31
Product NameElectro/mechanical adapter
Product code7601-00-W20/30/31
Product NameMechanical/electrical adapter
Product code7602-10-W20/30/31
Product NameRight live-end
Product code7602-11-W20/30/31
Product NameLeft live-end
Product code7605-10-W20/30/31
Product NameInside L joint
Product code7605-11-W20/30/31
Product NameOutside L joint
Product code7622-10-W20/30/31
Product NameX joint
Product code7619-10-W30/31
Product NameMechanical straight joint
Product code7606-05-30/31
Product NameSuspension kit
Product code7606-04-00
Product NamePlate
Product code7603-10-W20/30/31
Product NameCentral connector and straight joint
Product code7621-10-W20/30/31
Product NameRight T joint
Product code7621-11-W20/30/31
Product NameLeft T joint
Product code7610-10-W20/30/31
Product NameFlexible joint
Product code7623-00-W20/30/31
Product NameDead end
Product code7626-00-00
Product NameSuspension kit
Product code7617-00-30/31/52
Product NameMechanical adapter with hook
Product code7604T-10-W30/31
Product NameElectrical straight joint and with stop