PF 15

Design: Enrico Davide Bona and Elisa Nobile
The ceiling light PF 15 combines the essential geometric shape of the square and an extremely shallow profile with COB LED sources of last generation. 
PF15 can be installed on the ceiling or on the wall, in various settings such as hotels, public or private areas, including low ceilings.It is a good alternative to downlights, with low installation costs.
The die-cast aluminum body is designed to ensure the passive heat dissipation generated by the LED source. 
The closing screen is made of opal polycarbonate with high light-diffusion capacity and it protrudes slightly from the product profile for an innovative luminous effect.
PF 15 is a registered design model.

Pictures and Applications


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Product Name
PF 15
Product code
3825-01-21 (Mat white)
Mounting type
Ceiling - surface
Wall - surface
Lamp description
LED 1700lm 12W 3000K
Lamp wattage (W)
Light beam