Miniperfetto Base

Design: Studio Tecnico Ivela
The Miniperfetto range is highly versatile: one design, multiple applications, in order to offer customized lighting solutions, ideal for any design requirements.
The Miniperfetto range includes: compact spotlights for three-phase and single-phase tracks; spotlights with base for wall or ceiling applications; luminaires with a recessed canopy for a smaller volume and for more luminous power. A suspended version and one application for the Broadway system are also available.
The deeply-recessed optics and the standard snoot reduce glare to the minimum. 
Miniperfetto fits easily into a variety of contexts, from retail to hospitality, to residential thanks to its design featuring compact lines and the extremely elegant cylindrical shape of the head.
Miniperfetto can be customized with a range of accessories for a better visual comfort.

Pictures and Applications


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