PN110 Q Applique

PN110 Q Applique is the evolution of the exterior LED ceiling lights range of the PN family.
The sophisticated technology of mains voltage COB LED helped in reducing their size significantly.
The simple design and the small sizes allow the application on the ceiling in different locations (both in
private and in public spaces, either in hotels or ships) allowing a complete design freedom.
The body in die-cast aluminum, extremely small, is designed to ensure a passive heat dissipation.
The front screen, having a decorative as well as a safety function, is in high resistant clear thermoplastic material, UV protected.
PN110 Q ceiling light can be mounted on the wall using the proper bracket, or it can be assembled together
with a pole and a bracket as a bollard, ideal for paths, walkways and green spaces. High protection rating IP 65.
PN 110 Q Applique is a registered design model.

Pictures and Applications


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Product Name
PN 110Q Applique
Product code
144801 (Black)
144867 (Rust)
Mounting type
Ceiling - surface
Wall - surface
Lamp description
LED 430lm 4.3W 3000K CRI80
Lamp wattage (W)
Light beam