Lito 230

Design: Enrico Davide Bona and Elisa Nobile
Lito 230 is a one-of-a-kind compact exterior spotlight, with high luminous power.
It is equipped with mains voltage LED, driver is not required.
Lito 230 is dimmable on the mains (220/240V).
It is characterized by a sober and essential design. It is ideal to set up light scenes, also thanks to the interchangeable professional optics.
Lito 230 is a registered design model.

Pictures and Applications


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Product Name
Lito 230
Product code
11430085 (Silver)
11430030 (Black)
Mounting type
Ground - spike
Wall - surface
Lamp description
LED 2000lm 19W 3000K CRI80
Lamp wattage (W)
Light beam