Outdoor and indoor recessed LED fitting. 24VDC Led driver required (cod. 81-04006). Recessed housing included in the fitting.
Product Code Color
General Specifications
Product TypeOutdoor recessed
Mounting TypeWall - recessed
Indoor/Outdoor LightsOutdoor
ApplicationsExit ways,Footpaths,Mark walkways,Pedestrians areas,Scenographic solutions,Walkways,Walls
Lighting specifications
Lamp Description10 LED 1W White 3500K CRI80
Lamp Wattage (W)1
Color Temperature (K)3500
Average Lamp Life (H)L80B10 50.000
Physical Specifications
BodyInner and recessed housing in high resistant technopolymer
DiffuserScreen in clear polycarbonate shockproof, hard-wearing
FrameStainless steel
GasketsDouble EPDM
Mechanical Load (Kg)1000
ScrewsStainless steel
Electrical Specifications
DriverSeparate item
Driver MountingRemote
Cable GlandPG7 for through-wiring
Weight and Dimensions
Length (Mm)184
Width (Mm)60
Cutout ShapeRectangular
Cutout Length (Mm)177
Recessed Depth (Mm)55
Weight (Kg)0.3
Optical Specifications
Light DistributionAsymmetric
Light EmissionDirect
Temperature Max (°C)40
Number Of Heads1
Product code-
Product Name10 Led 1W White 3500K CRI80
Lamp categoriesLED
Lamp typeCOB LED
Lamp wattage (W)1
Color temperature (K)3500
Color rendering (CRI)>80
Product code84108
Product NameIP 68 rated cable connector
Product code160821
Product Name10mt Supply cable coil, H05RN-F 2x1 mm²
Product code81-04006
Product NameDriver 24 VDC constant voltage
DescriptionDriver 24 VDC constant voltage - Max 12 pc. max distance 30mt